1. Um so it turns out I suck and FORGOT ABOUT PITCH BITCH DAY THIS MONTH. So I have deemed that TODAY will be the day: at some point in your day, think about a pitch, research a pitch, or send a pitch!

    (And: Sorry!)

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  3. Lisa Levy is a Brooklyn-based writer and critic. She has published reviews/essays in The Believer, The Millions, The Rumpus, Vogue, and the Village Voice. She is also an editor at and frequent contributor to LA Review of Books. Lisa has agreed to share with us the pitch that led to “An Original Adventure" being published in The Believer. Thank you, Lisa!
    The pitch:

    Right now I have a very modest proposal. I’d like to write something about Elizabeth Hardwick—maybe for the website?—and the allure of the shadowy, longsuffering, yet still quietly influential figure. I think Hardwick played this role very well: as a Southerner in the north (first hated Boston, than her adopted hometown, New York), as the least known of a trio of female voices—the others of course being the much-brasher Sontag and Mary McCarthy—and as the longsuffering wife of Robert Lowell, whose illness had him throwing her over again and again for other women.

    Yet Hardwick’s work was tough in unexpected places. Her criticism often identified with mad or tortured women, Dorothy Wordswoth, Charlotte Bronte, Richardson’s Pamela, Zelda Fitzgerald—rather than the madmen and the women who loved them. Her decision to tackle Melville, the important nineteenth century writer of her time, was both brave and triumphant. And for someone who shunned the spotlight—I think of Hardwick as a George Harrison figure, with Susan and Mary and Lillian making all the real noise—she has made an impact. It is in a style more subtle, more sensual, even, and one that took longer to develop than her contemporaries. But it was deeply private, and unmistakably hers—seductive, to borrow a term she understood in terms of literature better than any critic writing today. Her loss is a real one, and from a place that may no longer exist: the writer who understands her text as history, as family, and as life.

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  5. We’re back! Sorry about the radio silence. But we have something really good for you today: a successful pitch for the Popular Science Ladybits blog, from generous writer Erin Blakemore. Erin sent along this pitch, which resulted in the article “Massive Slick Of Anchovy Shoal Up For A Day At The Beach”. 

    You can find Erin online here, and on Twitter here! Thank you, Erin!

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  7. Yaaaaaaaassssss it’s pitchbitch day! Work on a pitch, discuss a pitch, research a pitch, email a pitch TODAY! Tell us about it using the #pitchbitch hashtag. Godspeed ye female writers!

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